Kahuna APP is a management system software.

Our tool has been especially designed for administrating the management systems and any workflow in-cloud. The software’s most important objective is to structure fast and easily all your organization process, customizing the pre-installed blocks for your necessities.
Kahuna APP has pre-installed blocks and process to accomplish to the requirements of ISO and GMP standards. These can be configured independently or integratory according to the procedures of the company or their workflow.

With our management system software your company will progress:


With the auditory and inspection process, you will be able to identify and register in real time non-conformities and realizing the necessary corrective actions, avoiding repetitions.


Kahuna APP has an effective systematized process. With the software, you will be able to optimize the use of resources through continuous process improvement. In this way, you will be able to centralize the efforts in the key-process of your business. Also, you will be able to follow the complaints process.


Our software has a full-process parametrized traceability, and it will contribute with the total quality management in your organization. It will bring a better company position too because of the trust-improvement and the high level customers’ acceptation.

Why should I choose Kahuna APP?

  • Because it is a constant growing tool
  • Because it is easy to manage and its implementation takes only few minutes.
  • Because it has an excellent customer service and 24/7 technical support.
  • Because it has the document information system updated In only one software.
  • Because you can access to different profile processes.
  • Because you can have control in real time with customized notifications.

Implementation in 7 steps

The Kahuna APP management system software configuration and implementation is too easy. After the following seven steps our tool will be customized for your necessities. Ready to use!

1. Project start

2. Surveys

3. Customize

4. Revision and training

5. Examples

6. Questions and answers

7. Follow-up and support

Kahuna APP has pre-installed blocks


Process descriptions, process maps, employee positions, employee files, training.

Continuous improvement

Auditory, inspections, non-conformities, corrective actions, improvement actions, observations, tasks.

Organization context

Supplier assessments, complain registers, interesting parts matrix, internal and external context analysis, interesting parts management, certificates and documents.


Machines and employees equipment register, preventing and correcting maintenance.

Document management

Information files, versions, obsolete documents, legal and matrix requirements.


Design and active indicators, follow-up and control, indicators map.


Definition and risk follow-up, risk matrix.

Environment management

Environmental aspects and impacts matrix, legal accomplishment, supplier management, waste management.

Health and safety at work

Hygiene measures, accidents management, emergency plans, insecure conditions, personnel protective equipment management.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, registration management, prevent actions.

Task management

Planning, assignation and task control.


Dashboard, reporting, Balance Score Card.

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