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We are a standardization specialized team, who will bring you support and advice about our management system software. Our consultants are experts in the training, implementation and follow-up of the management system software Kahuna APP. We give effective solutions to your company: Kahuna APP is an easy, fast and efficient tool and will adapt to your integrated management system immediately.

Customer Service Policy

We believe the customer service is an important factor in our quality policy. Your success, progress and your continuous improvement is our success. Therefore, we have a quality customer service policy that answer all your requirements fast and in any time: before, during and after the implementation. In this way, we can ensure the continuous improvement and the business continuity with the management system software Kahuna APP.

Our services


We give our clients advice and recommendations for the implementation of any management system, according to the standards requirements: ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 17025, BPM, BASC, and more.


For doing an effective implementation process, our expert team will offer you different strategies for starting with the management system software Kahuna APP, through digital working sessions or online training.


Our training process looks for educating and training of the correct use of our tool Kahuna APP and all the standardization blocks related to your company.

Remote support

We work remotely 24/7 all year round for doing specialized support to any requirement. Our customer service staff are trained to give you effective answers in management systems and to solve any questions or particular situation.



Remote audits

Kahuna APP management system software is effective, and you will be able to successfully develop the new remote audits modality, because you will be able to have your management system full digitalized and access anywhere. You only need an internet connection.

Our products

Kahuna APP management systems software allows you to integrate different procedures in the same tool, related to ISO standards. With our software, your organization will save time and costs in the management system software.

Kahuna APP-QMS

Quality Management System

Manage and control automatically your quality management system ISO 9001. Through our Kahuna APP management system software you will be able to control the files structure, download the data master list, schedule auditory, record findings, lead automatically responsibilities and follow the risk matrix. All our blocks and procedures are compatible with any ISO standard, so you will be able to accomplish each point of the quality and HSEQ standard.

Kahuna APP – OHS

Occupational health and safety

By Using Kahuna APP software you will be able to accomplish the requirements of ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standard. You will be able to manage the accidents and incidents in the same tool, record and control the personal protective equipment delivery, fill in the legal requirements matrix, schedule security inspections, hygiene measures, record the insecure work conditions, manage and create the emergency plan, risks and dangerous matrix and more. All in an automatically done way.

Kahuna APP – EMS

Environmental Management

With Kahuna APP management system software your company will be able to manage efficiently all the environmental aspects and impacts to meet all the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. With our tool, you will identify and evaluate automatically all the environmental variables in your organization, control the waste management and their classification (dangerous, non-dangerous) and verify and comply with all the legal requirements, reports update, and more.

Kahuna APP – FSM

Food Safety

All the food industry organization will be able to efficiently manage the standards related to their activity. The Kahuna APP management system software incorporates the HACCP, IFS, BRC, ISO 22000, FSSC 2200 standards and more. With our tool it will be easier to manage the food safety, analyse the critical control points, detect products and supplier non-conformities, schedule and record the equipment calibrations, manage the supplier files registers and control the documents structure.

Kahuna APP – TCL

Testing and calibration laboratories

This specific Kahuna APP block, will allow you to digitalize your laboratory management system according to ISO 17025 standard. You will be able to optimize all the operations in the same tool fully digitalized. With our software, you will be able to configure the management process: schedule management (calibration tasks), sample management (number of samples generation, samples record, tag prints), stock management, production batch record, documentation, reports, dashboards and more.

Kahuna APP – GMP

Good Manufacturing Practice

This product is especially designed for companies that want to start to automatize their GMP procedures and in the future, will look for aim at certifying the all quality management system ISO 22000. With Kahuna APP – GMP block you will manage all the HACCP management system in the same tool, the continuous improvement (auditory, inspections, non-conformities, corrective actions), the preventative and corrective maintenance, the document information, occupational health, calibrations, training and entrance and exit traceability.

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