Software for Integral Management System

You can manage all your ISO and GMP systems from one digital platform.

ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – ISO 22001 – ISO 45001 – ISO 17025 and more.

Kahuna APP can efficiently administrate all the business process of your organization, integrating quality and environmental procedures, improvement opportunities, health and safety at work, employee administration, environment organization, document managing, and more.

Software based on BPM

The BPM (Business Process Management) is a business software in which you can create any workflow to interact with your employees inside or outside your organization. The Kahuna APP software incorporates this methodology and manages all the benefits of BPM.

Kahuna APP ISO and GMP Management System is easy and fast: for implementing it, we only need to know your organization’s workflow and fit it to your necessities. Done!

Kahuna APP is an in-cloud tool in which you will be able to manage all your digital management systems.

100% customized

All our blocks and processes are customized to your organization’s requirements.

Kahuna APP is easy to configure because it does not need any programming. Our pre-installed applications will help you to integrate your workflow management system in a few minutes and totally customized.

Some of our configurations

With Kahuna APP you will be able to manage your Quality management system ISO 9001, Occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001, Environmental management system ISO 14001, Food safety management system ISO 22000, Testing and calibration laboratories ISO 17025, Good manufacturing practice GMP, non-ISO standards, and more.

Kahuna APP-QMS

Quality Management

Kahuna APP-OHS

Occupational health and safety

Kahuna APP-EMS

Environmental Management

Kahuna APP-FSM

Food Safety

Kahuna APP-TCL

Testing and calibration laboratories

Kahuna APP-GMP

Good Manufacturing Practice

Dashboards and customized reports

You will be able to create, filter and export reports fast and easily with Kahuna APP.

Save time and money revising effective reports

With Kahuna APP software, you will be able to download the most important reports from your management system in one click. Also, you will be able to monitor the principal KPI through dashboards and control boards in real time, 100% customized.


Our tool will give you the following advantages:


Return on investment in a short-term.

Cloud connection

Working anywhere 24/7.

Managing your systems in one tool

All your management systems are available in only one software.

Constant monitoring

Receive notifications from each process and the employee participation.

Excel spreadsheets and papers are the past: administer your management systems in one tool with Kahuna APP.

Mail notifications

Receive mail notifications about each process actions and employees participation.

Kahuna APP is an automatized tool to administrate your management systems, giving to your organization the possibility of centralizing activities, its control and optimization, and working constantly with “the human potential”.

Mail notifications

Receive mail notifications about each process actions and employees participation.